GHC Foster Child Quarterly Report

  Child's Name:  Jiang Wendy Gender:  F DOB:  7/30/2001
Report Date:  11/10/2005 Report by:  David Huang
Sponsored by:  Child Sponsorship Number: 101
height:  101 cm weight:  16 kg
developmental check list (48 months)

Stands on one foot for 5 seconds    X     
Draws a person with 3 features    X     
Knows what was missing from a picture (2 from 6)    X     
Knows how many pieces when an apple is cut in half    X     
Repeats 4213, 61976    X     
home visit record:
I visited Wendy’s foster family on Oct. 23rd. Wendy rushed to me and hug me when I arrived. Foster mother and grandpa were at home. There was another foster girl in grandpa’s arms. Wendy told me the younger foster sister’s name. I asked she some questions but Wendy didn’t answer me directly. She had many requires before answering me, such as “I will tell you after eating up the fruit” or “You hold me for a while before I tell you”, and so on. I could only learn from Wendy that she was able to count from one to twenty but couldn’t calculate yet. According to foster mom, Wendy always made noise and couldn’t focus at study. She liked to play tricks. She felt no afraid of anybody except one of their neighbours. She even quarrelled back when foster mother blamed her. Sometimes she picked up the food with her fingers before every members came to sit at the table. And she didn’t changed after being educated. Sometimes when she had good mood, she helped to do some cleaning. I gave some advises to foster mother and hoped she could be more patient to Wendy because Wendy was a big child and she had formed her own habits in orphanage.