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Xiao Xiao

Xiao Xiao brings a deep commitment to God's passion for orphaned and abandoned children.  Many Americans know of her work with international adoptions over last 10 years.  In that time she has placed over 1,000 children with American families.  She is a true leader in the work  to advance the care of these precious children.  As a co-founder of GHC, she brings strong leadership and direction that is based on the best possible information. 

Susan Huang

Susan Huang oversees the programs at Desheng, Yizhou, Qinzhou and Nanning.  She is diligent and conscientious. Her love for children is very evident when she visits and plays with them.  She really enjoys getting to spend time with both the children and the staff at the orphanages.  Her smile and sunny disposition always help her to engage the children.  Susan enjoys studying English, singing in the choir, and volleyball.

Paul Huang

Paul Huang grew up in Yulin, Guangxi.  He works with the programs in Yongning, Yulin <, Jingxi, Laibin, Pingnan and RongXian.  His calm demeanor and sense of humor instantly makes the children comfortable when they visit with him.  Paul is a great communicator and is really good at advocating for those in need.  Paul is an excellent calligrapher and enjoys biking.

Peter Lee

Peter Lee manages all of the Hubei programs as well as Cenxi, Hepu SWI, Hepi CWI and Beihai.  He graduated from the Guangxi Chinese Traditional Medical College with a major in orthopedics.  He worked for the Nanning Massage Hospital for four years.  While he was there he was in charge of the staff training and evaluation.  He also spent much time volunteering at the cerebral palsy care unit at the Nanning orphanage.  Peter, along with XiaoXiao, is in charge of staff training and planning.

Joseph Huang

Joseph Huang is in charge of the Grace & Hope foster care programs in Guilin, Yulin, Beiliu, Xingye and Baise.  He has a natural ability to interact with children and their foster families.  Foster parents and their children always look forward to his visits. Joseph is a great listener. Each month, he is responsible for the monthly reports.  Prior to working with GHC, he worked with children in a cerebral palsy care center.  In his free time, Joseph enjoys fishing and biking and singing in the choir.

 US Volunteers

Debby Lommasson, Treasurer


Shelley DeVault, Volunteer Coordinator


Our Mission

The mission of Grace and Hope for Children is to be an agent of God's Grace in the lives of Chinese orphans.  By recruiting and training foster families in China and by raising financial support for these families, we will strive to get eligible children out of orphanages and into loving foster families.   Our work beyond foster care will always focus on fulfilling the needs of the children.  As we build and maintain relationships with families in China, the United States, and around the world we will seek to share the love of Jesus Christ as we endeavor to follow His leading.

Board of Directors


Curt  Braun, Moscow, ID USA 

Dale Lommasson, Portland, OR USA

Shelley DeVault, Atlantic Beach, FL USA


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