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Children Waiting for Sponsors
Many children wait for a sponsor who together with a foster family will change their lives.  The children shown below are waiting.  You can sponsor one of these children by clicking on the picture.  If you would like to sponsor several of the children or would like to make other sponsorship or payment  arrangements please contact us at info@grace-hope.org and we will be happy to support you. 

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* Indicates that the child
   has special needs
Adam Ping *
Alston Ping *
Benjamin Ping *
Clyde Ping *
Fiona Ping *
Frankie Ping *
Gavin Ping *
Hans Ping *
Jessica Ping *
Joseph Ping *
Kira Ping *
Laird Ping *
Leonard Ping *
Mia Ping *
Piper Ping *
Sean Ping *
Stacey Ping *
Tammy Ping *