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Making a Difference One Child at a Time
Grace and Hope for Children is committed to the care of orphaned and abandoned children in their time of need through the support of foster care families and the organizations that promote them.  Our years of work with children living in orphanages has shown that thoughts, actions, emotions, expectations, and values typical of humanity are instilled at a very young age and cannot be easily learned in an orphanage.  Add the individuality of children and it becomes impossible to grow a child where the children outnumber the adults 10 or 20 to 1.  What is seemingly impossible within the orphanage, however, is achieved almost without effort in the foster home. 

It is our hope and prayer that we continue to introduce foster care where it’s absent, encourage it where it’s present, and reach out to orphans in their time of need, their childhood; for God is passionate about orphans.  Please join our many volunteers around the west and the staff in China to forever change the life of a child. 
Curt Braun, Board Member

Changing Foster Care Landscape 
The care of orphaned and abandoned children in China continues to change. The Chinese Government has invested millions of yuan to build new orphanages, group homes, and rehabilitation facilities. Some orphanages are withdrawing children from foster care to fill their new group homes. Other children have returned to the orphanage to receive therapy. The buildings are nice and new and staff training is improving, but in the end it is clear to see that what matters is the love of a family. What matters is that a foster parent loves and nurtures a child. Therapy has value in developing the body, but it is the love of the family that develops a child. We will continue to champion the care of these children through foster care!


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